The Charlie shirt uses a high quality power stretch super soft material that adds substantial compression while not irritating the skin. The seams and stitching are designed to feel invisible to the wearer. Elastic on the sleeve doubles as a style and fidget detail.

Pre-orders are now available for the short and long sleeve Charlie shirt!



What makes your shirt different?

My compression products are specifically made to address deep pressure and sensory needs. Whereas, Nike and Under Armour compression shirts are designed specifically to promote blood flow during workouts. Athletic compression shirts use a lower percentage of spandex (5-8%) in their fabric, meaning they apply a lower amount of compression when compared to my shirts which have 12% spandex.

When compared to other autism compression shirts, my compression shirts have a higher percentage of spandex and a much softer feel. I don’t use any shiny or irritating materials. Spio compression shirts have zippers in the back and are made to be an orthosis for join stability. While their product applies a more custom and tighter fit, not everyone needs that amount of restriction.

I’ve intentional designed in details that look stylish while also functioning as a form of fidget or tactile sensory input. I think through details to reduce irritation such as, seaming being completely tag-less.

Why does it cost $49.99?

I’m aware and sensitive to the overall costs that families are spending on various autism therapies and products. I believe in not charging more simply because my product is designed for a medical purpose and I use the words ‘autism’ and ‘sensory’ in my description. I believe quality is important and do not cut corners when it comes to choosing fabrics and selecting my manufacturing partners. In order to be a sustainable business and continue to be able to research, test, and create new products, I need to have enough money to reinvest from current products back into my business. You have my promise that where I can lower prices and maintain the same high level of quality and style I will.

Is this a silver bullet, will it completely change me (or my child)?

Unfortunately, there are hardly ever any silver bullet solutions for anything in the world. I do not make claims that my products will completely change a person or miraculously make them different. I base my designs off evidence-based research and open to having my products tested for different benefits.

From my experience in health care design you have to care for a person holistically and think about all the parts in the system. My products alone won't be a silver bullet, but my shirts combined with other therapies or diets may make the whole person and system function better. I know that if you meet one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism, while my products will help some people, I know they won’t be helpful to everyone. I respect a trial and error approach and encourage you to try a shirt and if it doesn't satisfy your needs return it.